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How we evaluate our work


At YourStory International, we strive to rigorously assess the impact of all our programs. We would like to take a moment to update you on how our Research Advocates make this possible.

What They Do
Based at UMass Amherst, our six volunteer Research Advocates analyze the data we gather on our expeditions and review international development research to perfect our program design. Under the leadership of Bradley Flemming, the Research Advocates present their findings at weekly team meetings. They then collectively addresses any challenges that have arisen and present their results to the Board of Directors.

What They Have Accomplished
Our Research Advocates recently completed a literature review on the impacts of medical aid programs in developing countries and an analysis of data from our clinical operations in Pont Morel. This will ensure the effectiveness and scientific integrity of our programs and help us uphold our commitment to providing long-term, evidence-based aid to the community. Regular, scientific analysis of our programs guarantees that we are investing our donors’ gifts in the most effective way possible.

Skills for the Future
The YourStory Advocate experience is not just about empowering others. Our Advocates learn valuable skills that will benefit them in their academic and professional lives. Members of the Research Advocate team are reading and analyzing a significant volume of primary research and presenting their findings on a weekly basis. This experience will not only serve them well in future professional and academic pursuits, it will help them spread our mission to create a more equitable global society.


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Patrycja Bugajska and Courtney McMahon present findings from their literature review on the effectiveness of electronic medical records.

Brandi Schoenthaler presents findings from her literature review on the impact of culturally competent NGO treatment plans.


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