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Camille Dieuvil

Camille Dieuvil is a 30-year-old resident of Pont Morel. She has two children (ages 7 and 17), four brothers, and one sister. Camille lives with her husband and children in the same home she’s lived in for her entire life. Her husband is a farmer, and she runs a shop on the main road in Pont Morel. Her shop is situated directly where the road turns towards Nolivos, which increases its visibility. She sells “rice, beverages, oil…everything.” Prior to the earthquake, Camille used to have a much larger store and sold an abundance of goods there. She says her life was happier then.

Camille’s children go to school in Pont Morel, and she consistently advises them to “believe in yourself and in your dreams.” She is able to maintain an attitude of hope and faith, though she expected her life to be better than it is now. However, she finds great joy in attending church and listening to music. She dreams to one day be rich and live prosperously with her family.


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