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The Medicine Man

Mauric, sixty-six, is well-known around Léogâne and the surrounding areas for his medical prowess. Using techniques passed down from generations before him, Mauric practices alternative herbal medicine.

In an effort to learn about Mauric and his work, the YSI advocates made the long trek through the forest, over a river, and through cow fields to reach Mauric's home. The advocates were greeted individually with a handshake, and, after being seated, bowed their heads in a prayer led by Mauric. After the prayer, Mauric shared with the advocates the details of his medical work. Maurice treats fevers, joint pain, swelling, wounds, and many other conditions. To prep for treatment, Mauric often travels far into the mountains to gather the herbs and botanicals needed to create medicine. To demonstrate, Mauric grabbed his machete and disappeared into the woods. When he returned, Mauric was carrying a plant filled with a green, jelly-like liquid he uses to treat skin infections. He explained how this substance, aloe, is applied directly to the wound and is a common American remedy--often used to soothe sunburns.

Mauric is passionate about helping his community and loved ones stay healthy. Family is a big part of Mauric's life. He has been married to his wife for forty years and, together, they have raised six sons and one daughter in Léogâne. Mauric is currently teaching one of his seven children all he knows about herbal medicine so that the family practice can continue as Mauric ages.

In addition to health and medicine, Mauric values education. His biggest word of advice is to work hard and get an education to achieve great things. Faith is a huge part of Mauric's life as well. He often reads the Bible in his free time and shared a couple of his favorite passages with the group, including the story of Noah's Ark. The advocates were fascinated by Mauric and loved hearing about his traditional medicine practice.


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