• Chloe Becker

George Washington University

School: George Washington University

Leader: Chloe Becker

Why you (personally) joined YSI: I was lucky enough to be introduced to YSI by current UMass president, Emily Adelsberger. As the student leader of YSI’s community development team, Emily spoke passionately about her experience and shared how the organization positively impacts the lives of those who participate. Her stories illustrated YSI’s mission, emphasizing the strong focus placed on local perspective and achieving sustainable development. I am very excited to have the opportunity to actively carry out these goals in the public health sector of the program this summer. I am even more excited to know that after I leave, my interactions with patients and doctors will build relationships and create change that will be maintained by advocates for years to come.

When your chapter was founded: Spring 2017

How many expeditions has your Chapter taken: 0

Number of advocates: 10

Officers: Chloe Becker, president

Next chapter event: First advocate meeting on March 27th

Next Haiti expedition: May-June 2017

Contact Info: gwuyourstory@gmail.com or cbecker@gwu.edu


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