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Marie Denise Rompleur

Marie Denise Rompleur is a sixty-year-old woman who has lived in Nolivos all her life. As we were interviewing Marie, she was surrounded by her family--an important presence in her life.

All the joy in her life is brought to her by her eight children with whom she lives in a house that was rebuilt after the earthquake. All that remains from the original house is the foundation, a somber reminder of Marie's childhood and of her mother, who died during the earthquake while cooking in the kitchen. Given the obstacles the earthquake brought into her life, Marie says that she regrets not being able to send her kids to school. Without a job, Marie is unable to provide her children with education.

Marie teaches her children through kind acts of helping others. Without a job or much money, Marie and her family survive through their perseverance and the joy they bring one another.


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