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Louidane Paul

Eighteen-year-old Louidane Paul's interview led the community development team to momentarily forget about the scorching heat. Louidane's constant smile and laughter, combined with the energy from her family and friends surrounding her, showed the team just how close families and communities are in Léogâne.

A music lover (especially Céline Dion), Louidane enjoys going to the movies and watching her favorite TV show, Laptona. During the interview, we learned that financial limitations unfortunately forced her to leave school. Despite her departure from education, it was extremely evident that she has a passion for helping people and that, one day, she will harness that passion and return to school to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. She emphasized this passion while noting just how badly she hopes that YSI will start a school in Léogâne to ensure no child goes without education.

Louidane lives with her three sisters and mother. When we asked what was most important to her in life, her answer was beautifully placed. She paused, gave a warm smile, and wholeheartedly said "My mother and my sisters." Her mother and some of her sisters were present during the interview and all of them began to laugh and smile.

Louidane's relationship with her family illustrates just how much love and affection fills the people of Léogâne. At the end of the day for Louidane, it doesn't matter that financial limitations prevented her from finishing school. All that matters in life--what she feels is most important--is her family. The genuine beauty of Louidane's character was unbelievable and the community development team was lucky to have the opportunity to sit down and get to know her.


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