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Jean D'Ariot Fils

When we entered the home of Jean D’Ariot Fils, we were greeted warmly by his wife and five children. At forty years old, Jean’s happiness is fueled by his family and artistic passions. Self-taught, he is a talented sculptor. While he does not sell his sculptures anymore, Jean likes to offer them to his family and friends as gifts. While discussing his art, he invited us to his house so we could see a piece he was working on (pictured above). Later, Jean told us that he had made the sculpture for us. It is now on display on one of the shelves in our compound.

After speaking about his sculptures, Jean mentioned that he is also a Tropicana DJ. Occasionally, he likes to take his speakers (which we were coincidentally using as a seat for the interview) and other equipment to practice at the local church. He also performs regularly at clubs as a way to make extra money.

According to Jean, the hardest aspect of his life is coping with a recent operation. Looking up at us, he said that “Because of the operation, I now have less activities I can do. The clinic has helped me and I would like it to continue helping me with my recovery.” YSI is happy to serve such a passionate patient and we are excited to help Jean return to living a healthy, fulfilling life.


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