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Jacqueline Guerrier

Jacqueline Guerrier is thirty-four years old and has lived in Nolivos her entire life. Faced with difficulty throughout her life, her story is one many Haitians can relate to.

Jacqueline lives in a house with her six children, ranging from fifteen to one years old. Her greatest struggle is single-handedly supporting and caring for her six children, as the father of the children is not present and provides no assistance.

Jacqueline used to be a vendor, selling vegetables, but suspended her career due to financial limitations and the impact of the 2010 earthquake.

Growing up, Jacqueline did not attend school, but intends for her children to get an education. Despite the challenges she faces, Jacqueline makes it a priority to put the needs of her children first.

Reflecting on her experiences, Jacqueline struggled to share with YSI what made her happy. However, Jacqueline said that her experience with our clinic and staff was positive. Looking to the future, she hopes YSI will start a program that would provide a basic income so she--as well as others in the community--can rehabilitate their businesses. For now, we can provide primary care, and we hope we have made things a little easier for Jacqueline and her family.


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