• Emily Adelsberger

Session 3

Day 1: Session 3 advocates arrived at the compound right as the sun was setting. We played an icebreaker and immediately noticed an awesome, cohesive group dynamic among the students representing UNH, UMass, and Colorado College. Leaders Christian and Guti initiated card games and other getting to know you games. Day 2: Advocates were given a tour of Pont Morel and enjoyed taking in the beautiful landscape, watched baby animals play, and greeted the community members that we passed. Our fabulous translators led Creole lessons to teach advocates basic conversational terms as well as some medical terminology such as the parts of the body. After lunch, public health groups were taught how to take vitals, do medicinal scribing, about the structure of our clinic, and, of course, more Creole. All of these lessons were led by student group leaders and Zach, our expedition director. Community development headed out into the field to continue the education surveys the previous comm. dev. group began. During the evening’s reflection, we found that people were very excited about learning Creole. Day 3: Advocates were antsy to get out into the field and apply everything that they had learned the previous day. We were all pleasantly surprised by the gracious hospitality of the people we talked to and the warm welcomes that we continually received. Public health was able to give out all of their clinic appointments and community development completed over 20 surveys. Day 4: Our clinic was a huge success. We have greatly increased our efficiency, seeing over 70 patients by 3:30pm. Day 5: As a reward for the great work done thus far, we enjoyed a full day at Bouca, the beach resort. Advocates admired the beautiful beach and the relaxing pool, as well as traditional Haitian cuisine at the restaurant. Day 6: Public health went back out into the field to find more patients, while community development visited an elementary school in Nolivos and completed some Lives of Léogâne stories with some members of Pont Morel. Day 7: Clinic #2. We saw over 100 patients, officially our most efficient clinic ever. Day 8: Advocates accompanied Marie into Léogâne to shop and ate a unique lunch at a restaurant. We spent the afternoon playing soccer with our fantastic translators and some other locals. We played soccer with them almost every night this session. Day 9: We bid farewell to Haiti. See you this summer!


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