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Barbara Auguste

Barbara Auguste is an eighteen-year-old resident of Nolivos. In order to be closer to a friend, she relocated from Port-au-Prince in 2014--a move she’s glad she made. Now living in Nolivos with her six-month-old daughter, Barbara enjoys her life as a new mother. Her daughter brings her joy and she looks forward to providing for her in the future.

A woman of many talents, Barbara likes to DJ--a skill she honed while living in Port-au-Prince. Her favorite kind of music is compas: a popular blend of African rhythms, European ballroom dance, and Haitian aesthetics. Barbara is also a passionate singer, though modest about her ability. Citing music as a way for her to express herself, she spends her free time dancing and singing with her friends. Keeping her family’s future in mind, Barbara hopes that YourStory International will one day build a school in her community. After putting a pause on her education because she lacked the money for tuition, Barbara hopes to one day enroll again. Her dreams of a school aside, Barbara is thankful for YSI’s clinic. As a mother dedicated to the well-being of her daughter, she appreciates the positive impact the clinic has made on the community’s overall health.


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