• Julia Brown

Session 1 Update

It's been a busy couple days here in Léogâne. We've been lucky with warm weather and a nice breeze to keep us cool during the busy days. So far all 21 advocates have learned to take blood pressure and vitals, a useful skill that lets all us feel like doctors for a little bit. During our first clinic on December 30, we saw 40 patients. Each patient received a thorough exam plus education on pertinent medical issues in the community facilitated by all of our advocates! We celebrated New Year's Eve with card games and a fun night of hanging out and getting to know each other. January 1st is Haiti's Independence Day, and we celebrated by having a traditional pumpkin soup called soup joumou. It's so cool to be a part of Haitian tradition and culture. All of the advocates are really enjoying themselves and have said they've gained perspective, new friendships, and clarity from this trip. However, it hasn't been clean fun for everyone. While coming back to the compound after a long day of field work, we had to trek through the sugar cane fields. Due to recent rains, some parts of the field flooded over and we all had to jump to get over them. One of our advocates didn't quite jump far enough and landed two feet down in a big puddle of mud. After cleaning herself with Purell and a lot of laughs we all joke about it now. Happy 2017 from all of the session one advocates! We can't wait to see the work the other sessions do!


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