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Andrelie Thermitus

Despite the hardship she faced as a result of the 2010 earthquake, Andrelie Thermitus stays strong. At seventy-six years old, she has not only rebuilt her home (with help from the American Red Cross), but she continues to care for her growing family: three children, three grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Living together in their small, plywood home in the village of Nolivos, the family depends on one another for support and guidance. Andrelie has lost the ability to hear in one ear, so her daughters and grandchildren help her to communicate. In turn, Andrelie spends her time playing with her family, fostering a sense of security and unconditional love and support. Andrelie cares deeply for her family, citing them as the most important element in her life, and hopes to continue to help them stay happy, healthy, and strong.

In her earlier years, Andrelie worked as a vendor in town. After she fell on hard financial times, she was unable to maintain her business. Andrelie has made it a goal of hers to become a vendor again--the abundance of fruit that naturally grows around her home would yield a consistent supply of product. Reestablishing her life as a vendor would allow Andrelie to better support her beloved family. With a steady income, she would be able to afford an education and adequate medical care for her family.

Eventually, Andrelie would like to see a school and hospital built in her Nolivos, making it the perfect place for her family to grow.


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