• Emily Adelsberger

Happy Holidays 2016

Seasons greetings to all of our friends in the US, Haiti, and around the world! No matter what holiday you are celebrating, or if you’re not celebrating one at all, we hope that this time of year brings you joy and time with family and friends.

Most Haitians practice some form of Christianity, so Christmas is a big holiday there, just as it in the US. January 1st is also Haitian Independence Day, celebrating their victory over the French over 200 years ago. This holiday is followed by Ancestors’ Day on January 2nd, honoring those who fought and died to make Haiti the first black republic in the entire world. Needless to say, there are many causes for celebration in these winter months.

Haitians celebrate Christmas in many of the same ways we do in the US.. Those with the financial means will decorate Christmas trees in their homes, exchange gifts with one another, and attend parties at people’s homes or clubs. Unfortunately, many people do not have these luxuries. So, people make the most of the holiday spirit by listening to Haitian Christmas music, spending time with loved ones, and spreading joy to each other through well wishes.

For those of you who are celebrating Christmas, Jwaye Nowe, Joyeux Noel, and Merry Christmas!


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