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Carole Maurice

Thirty-six-year-old Carole Maurice has lived in Haiti her whole life. She has two children who are both currently attending school. She used to sell cosmetics but, unfortunately, had to stop due to financial limitations. Carole explained that one of the hardest parts of her life is struggling to have enough money to support her family. Carole explained to us that she owns several chickens and now sells their eggs to make ends meet. Carole attended school for six years, and her favorite subject was Haitian history. When we asked her to explain why she enjoyed Haitian history the most, she explained that she loves her country and is proud to be a Haitian. Although she has enjoyed living in Haiti her whole life and loves the quiet neighborhood of Leogane, she mentioned how she would one day like to move to the West Indies where one of her cousins lives.

Something the community development team found incredible about Carole is her constant involvement with the church she attends often in Nolivos. She informed us that her favorite book to read is the Bible and her favorite music is gospel. She explained to us her love for singing and how she sings at church, solo! Carole enjoys singing so much because, she says, singing is the best way to show emotions. Although she may be struggling financially, Carole is extremely thankful for what YourStory International has been doing in Leogane and explained to us that our clinic has helped her and her family tremendously.


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