• Kevin Gutierrez

University of New Hampshire

Leader: Kevin Gutierrez

Why you joined YSI: When I initially joined YSI, it was because a friend of mine told me she was excited to be going to Haiti in the summer of 2014. This was the year the UNH chapter was founded and the first Haiti expedition for this chapter. I, a sophomore, was interested as I wanted to do something out of my comfort zone and participate in something that could actually benefit others. I signed up and immediately received a call back informing me I had been selected as the last person to be accepted from the UNH chapter. I have visited my family in the Dominican Republic numerous times, and when I finally went to Haiti, I was really astounded to see how similar it was to the Dominican Republic--except there was much more noticeable hardship and many buildings were destroyed. Being with YSI in Haiti, I started to truly grasp what the organization is doing and how they were achieving their goals. After we left Haiti, I felt like YSI was making a change that others really hadn't done by giving the people in Haitian communities the tools and support they need to thrive on their own--that's the reason I keep coming back. I want to remain part of something that is bringing about a positive change in a world full of negative occurrences.

When your chapter was founded: 2014

How many expeditions has your chapter taken: About 5 (Mississippi Delta included)

Number of advocates: 3

Officers: Melaney Diane (co-leader), Shannon Foye (co-leader); They helped with recruitment and informational sessions.

Next information or recruitment event: Our informational session was on November 29. We bought plane tickets together during this meeting.

Next Haiti expedition: Jan 12-20

Contact Info: Phone: 603-391-2974, Email: kg6@wildcats.unh.edu


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