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Carline Petit-Frere

Born and raised in Léogâne, Carline went to school for ten years but, unfortunately, had to stop because it was too expensive. While in school, Carline’s favorite subject was social sciences, a true reflection of her extroverted personality—she thrives in social situations, especially when interacting with her friends and family. One of her favorite things to do is tell jokes, and it was clear to us she had a great sense of humor. Carline lives with her brother, stepmother, and her aunt. Unfortunately, they all lost their home in the 2010 earthquake.

As we spoke, she mentioned how important her friends and family were to her and how much she enjoys going to the market. Noting the importance of education, she mentioned that one of the toughest parts of her life is struggling to find a job without having a degree. Ideally, she’d like to go back to school and continue studying to one day become a nurse. What was most remarkable about the community development team’s interview with Carline was her response when we asked if she would ever like to travel anywhere outside of Haiti. She was taken aback by the question and explained to us how this is her favorite place in the world because it’s home. She talked about how she would like to travel but would always come back, regardless of the circumstances. An eye-opening response, it was amazing to hear that someone who had lost her home in the earthquake and forced to build a tent for shelter never considers leaving. Haiti is her home and she loves it unconditionally. For Carline, home is where her heart is.


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