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Berson Jean Jacques

The first thing you notice about fifty-four-year-old Berson Jean Jacques is his warm, welcoming smile. After he agreed to answer some questions we had prepared for him, his daughter immediately jumped to her feet to bring out chairs for each of us. Considering it was almost 95 degrees, her generosity didn’t go unnoticed and our team greatly appreciated it. After interviewing Berson, there was absolutely no surprise he had such a kind and generous daughter. From the beginning of the interview, it was clear Berson was a selfless and loving individual who did everything he possibly could to be a great dad. After asking him what he felt was most important in life, he responded quickly and confidently that raising his children well was at the top of his list.

Although Berson is unemployed, he was extremely happy to inform us that all of his children were either in school or too young for school, but eager to attend. The community development team found this remarkable because Berson himself had never attended school.

Nevertheless, he explained how he understood the importance of education and promised himself from a young age that his children would never go without school. Our team deeply admires Berson because, considering the limited resources in Léogâne, he does all he can to give his children the life he never had.

While his children played with each other close by, their constant smiles and laughter proved to our team that Berson was doing an amazing job parenting. As the interview came to a close, Berson answered our last question just as we assumed he would. When asked if there was anything else he wanted to say in the interview, he gently responded, “I am so proud to be a dad.” Berson is living proof that no matter what the circumstances are, no matter how little one has, family is all that matters. The community development team learned so much from Berson. The love and affection he had for his children was inspirational and all of their beautiful smiles will stay with us forever.


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