• Jasper Flour

The University of Vermont

Author: Jasper Flour

School: The University of Vermont

Leader: Jasper Flour

Why you joined YSI: I wanted to immerse myself into a cultural environment which I had never experienced while also helping the community around me.

When your chapter was founded: The UVM chapter is brand new this fall!

How many expeditions has your chapter taken: None as a chapter, but three students from UVM who have been on expeditions with YSI.

Number of advocates: small, but growing!


Jasper Flour. We don’t have official titles yet.

Next information or recruitment event: Information sessions were given in classes, and now we have moved on to training our chosen advocates!

Next Haiti expedition: Summer 2017

Contact Info:

E-mail: Jasper.flour@uvm.edu or Jasperaflour@gmail.com

Phone: (401) 323-4837


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