• Herlyne Das

Brandeis University

School: Brandeis

How many expeditions has your chapter been a part of: 4 Haiti expeditions and 1 Mississippi expedition

Number of advocates: constantly growing!


Abdiel (abcab123@brandeis.edu) Fundraising Coordinator

Jordin (jcarter@brandeis.edu) Director of public Relations

Michelle (myan@brandeis.edu) Secretary

Katherine (kdorfman@brandeis.edu) Treasurer

Herlyne (herlyned@brandeis.edu) President

Nhi (nnguyen@brandeis.edu) Co VP

Krisha (kpatel10@brandeis.edu) Co VP

Information/recruitment event: 9/21/16 *you are always welcome to reach out to an officer for info, and it is NOT too late to apply!

Next Haiti expedition: There are three sessions this winter, and the first one begins on December 27th.

Contact Info: herlyned@brandeis.edu


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