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Fanes Fabruine

Fanes Fabruine was born in 1938 in Tongato and moved to Nolivos as a child with his uncle. As an adult, Fanes owned a farm and cultivated bananas, and, eventually, married his first wife. After she passed away, Fanes remarried a woman with whom he had his only child. After being asked what he wished he had done differently in his life, he explained that he wished he spent his younger years working and going to school.

Fanes doesn't work, but says the whole community helps each other as much as they can. "I know if people had something to give me they [w]ould," he said. Fanes's strongest word of advice is to accept God. Because he has such a strong faith, Fanes would like to go back to school to learn English so he can preach, sing, and read the Bible. He said, "if you can read, you can learn more."

Before parting ways, Fanes thanked YSI for the medication we had given him. He told us he had to get going or he would be late for church, which he attends every day. When asked to take his picture, he removed his hat, smiled gently, and made his way to church after thanking us once more.


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