• Annabel Anderson


Grace and I are the two on the right. This is the staff of the first ever YSI primary care clinic in Pont Morel.

School: Villanova University

Leader: Annabel Anderson

Why you joined YSI: As a nursing student, I wanted a way to combine my desire to serve and empower impoverished communities with my ethical concerns about most “service aid” trips. I love how we support Haitians, as translators, nurses and doctors, while still making supporting communities in Leogane and making healthcare accessible.

When your chapter was founded: I went on a trip with Niamh Mulrooney from UMass, a good friend from high school, in the winter of my Sophomore year (2014-15).

How many expeditions has your chapter taken: three

Number of advocates: Approximately five that remain involved in YSI on Villanova’s campus. In total, over the past four trips, we’ve had approximately twelve.

Officers: We don’t have official officers. Trip leaders include myself, Maggie Mills, and Taylor Spurlock.

Next information or recruitment event: TBD but in the next two to three weeks.

Next Haiti expedition: This winter.

Contact Info: Annabel Anderson aander15@villanova.edu


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