• Emily Adelsberger

Summer Sessions

This summer has been a huge success for YourStory International. We hosted seventy-six advocates across seven eight-day sessions from May through July. Every applicant for our expedition was interviewed by the YSI officers at their respective schools, and after a careful selection process, advocates were chosen to join us on our journey. Together, we saw 704 patients at our free primary care clinics. Because of the assistance of our incredible doctors and nurses and, of course, the tireless efforts of our advocates, we not only hosted primary care appointments for these patients, but we also provided medical education and follow-up appointments to each and every one of them. The public health sector of our organization has grown immensely and, as we have mentioned across social media, YSI will soon be the only free health care clinic in the Léogâne area in Haiti. Our recent fundraiser has left us just short of our $5,000 goal needed to further expand our clinic to meet this rising need.

In addition to these accomplishments, our compound has seen some major developments. The second floor construction has been progressing smoothly, and the wall around our yard is complete. While we pride ourselves on having our gate open to the community during the day, we recognize the importance of safety and security for the advocates we host-- especially overnight. We have both a wall and a security guard who patrols the grounds from sunset until sunrise, upon which the gate is once again opened to the community. Additionally, the compound now has indoor exam rooms for our clinics to ensure the comfort and privacy of our patients who have waited-- sometimes for hours-- to be seen, as the demand for our services is ever-growing.

Interested in becoming more involved with us? If you’re in the medical field, our very own Allie Krebs will be leading an expedition in October to host a clinic. Participating in a YSI expedition allows you the opportunity to become involved in a part of the industry that is commonly overlooked.

  • To apply for this medical personnel trip, follow this link!

  • Want to join us in January for one of our annual expeditions? Click here.

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