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Alfred Jean Simon & Mikelda Mariset

Alfred Jean Simon is a 70 year old lifelong resident of Nolivos. He is deaf in his right ear and was recently treated for extreme hypertension in one of our June clinics. Monsieur Jean Simon was all smiles during our interview. After recognizing some of the advocates who were conducting interviews, he asked to go next, waiting patiently but excitedly. At the start of the interview he mentioned still being slightly dizzy but feeling better and thanking the clinic and the volunteers in it.

Monsieur Jean Simon lives with his wife and six kids, who are mostly in their 30's. He has a brother who has lived in Canada since 1972, but unfortunately hasn't talked to him in recent memory. If Alfred could travel anywhere in the world, he told us he would either visit his brother in Canada or travel to New York. Alfred has never left Haiti. When he was younger, he spent three years in school before having to leave because of financial troubles. He then worked as a farmer, growing the local crops such as bananas, sugarcane, and corn. His favorite thing about Haiti is the abundance of wild fruit and vegetables. After a small pause and a laugh to himself, he added that it was also playing dominoes with the people in the community when he was younger. Right before taking this photo, Monsieur Jean Simon took his hat off and placed it between his legs, posing patiently for the photos and smiling when he saw the results. After saying our goodbyes and thanks, he added through the translator that he wished to talk to us again soon.

Born and raised in Nolivos, Mikelda Mariset is a 25-year-old mother of one. Growing up, Mariset attended school for a total of seven years, with mathematics being her favorite subject. After leaving school, Mariset became a vendor, selling charcoal and cosmetics for a few years before leaving the trade last year. Currently, Mariset spends much of her time taking care of her six-year-old child, Wilbens. Wilbens has been in school for three years and enjoys learning Creole while he is there. When asked what she enjoys doing in her spare time, Mariset responded with a bright laugh, saying that she spends most of her spare time sleeping at home. Her home is made of green plywood (pictured in the background) and was donated by an organization after the 2010 earthquake. Mariset's favorite part of her life in Nolivos is the abundance of fruit in the area. While this fruit keeps her from getting hungry, Mariset does have some issues staying hydrated, pointing out that finding clean water is the hardest part of her life. This issue is especially restrictive for Mariset and others in the area because it makes it difficult to stay clean, hydrated, and healthy for long periods of time.

Our aim of the clinic is to educate our patients in addition to providing them with medical exams. We modify our lessons for each person, as we understand that many people understand the importance of staying clean and hydrated, which we emphasize. Also, we prescribe our patients with the proper medications to keep them healthy.


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