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Upgrading Our Leogane Clinic

Doctors Without Borders left Leogane last year. The National Hospital in Port-au-Prince will close by the end of 2016.

That means the YourStory International clinic will be the only remaining free healthcare provider in Leogane, and one of only a few left in southern Haiti.

Leogane was at the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake, and its residents suffer disproportionately from disease compared to the rest of Haiti. With few healthcare choices, they have come to rely on our clinic for help controlling chronic diseases, treating infections, curing tropical diseases, and providing prenatal care. Our clinic can treat 100 patients per day, but we can only keep it open one day per week. This means we are forced to turn away dozens of patients each week. We can meet the community’s needs by opening the clinic every day, but to do that, we need your support.

Your gift will help us pay additional staff, purchase new equipment, and supply electricity to our clinic. With your help, we can become the permanent primary care provider that this community lacks.

Visit our GoFundMe page to help, or click the green Donate button at the bottom of this page. Any gift, no matter how small, can make a difference in the life of a Leogane community member.

Why YourStory Is Different Our healthcare program is unique because we send our advocates into the community to perform health screenings, make clinic appointments, and conduct follow-up examinations after clinic visits. The health screenings allow us to identify community members who require medical attention, but would not ordinarily come to the clinic of their own volition. Our follow-up examinations help us ensure the patients are following our recommendations and taking any prescribed medication, as well as identify any new symptoms. Throughout this process, we provide our patients with public health education to prevent recurrence of their conditions.

With your help, we can bring this quality of care to every resident of Leogane. Over the next several years, we want to do more than simply increasing our patient capacity—we hope to expand our facility to handle both outpatient and inpatient care. With no other free healthcare providers in the area, we must take responsibility for providing the community with the care they need.

Here are some examples of what your gift will provide the community:

$10: appointment for one patient $20: community public health worker or pharmacy technician for one day $40: nurse for one day $150: doctor for one day $300: all clinic staff for one day $1,000: all clinic operations for one day

All paid clinic staff are Haitian residents. We never use U.S. volunteers when we can hire a local community member to do the same job.


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