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Allie Krebs

Name: Alyssa (Allie) Krebs Board position: Director of Nursing and Clinic Coordination Occupation: Registered Nurse BSN - Specialty in Intensive Care Units

When and how did you get involved with YSI?

After a serendipitous meeting with Kevin Lombardi on a plane to the US from Port-au-Prince, I took my first trip in January 2016. During that trip we held our first (and second) free Primary care clinic in Pont Morel!

How many times have you visited Haiti? I have a long history of yearly trips to Haiti with other nonprofit organizations. Since the age of 14 I've traveled there 8 times and will be taking 2-3 more trips this year!

Why are you passionate about YSI in particular? YSI integrates community, mission and medicine to their highest potentials. In nursing, serving the poor and underserved has always been what drives my practice. Since my first trip in 2008, I've been looking for an opportunity to merge my love for medicine and my love for Haiti and that is exactly what YSI Is all about!

What is your favorite memory from your trips to Haiti? The first YSI clinic we ran in January was on a very hot day, as are all the days in Haiti. In that moment, I realized that my dream of being a nurse in Haiti had finally come true. It was an incredible experience. As I saw patients that day, I was continuously reminded of the blessings that God has poured out on my ministry in Haiti. Goosebumps ensued in spite of the 90 degree weather!

What is your biggest take away from the experiences that you have had with YSI? YSI places the community as the utmost priority. This allows our organization to grow, sustain and expand in a way that allows the people to grow, sustain and expand with us. We are called YourStory because that is exactly why we are there. We function to hear, serve, heal and love the stories of the Haitian community.

What is something that you think others should know about either YSI or Haiti? What makes it so special to you and why is it important? You could google "Haiti nonprofit organizations" and find numerous opportunities. A lot of them do good things and serve in similar ways that YSI does. When choosing an organization it's important to choose an organization with passion, research and most importantly RESULTS! YSI has already had an enormous impact on the community of Pont Morel and with the launch of our new Primary and Urgent Care Clinic the opportunities are endless. I've always said that a piece of my heart lives in Haiti but It wasn't until joining YSI that I realized, in fact, my entire heart belongs there. Kè Mwen, Kay Mwen (My Heart, My Home).


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