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We just launched something big!

YourStory International started 2016 off with a bang! We would like to take a moment to update you on our recent work.

The Pont Morel Primary and Emergency Care System

Earlier this year, we initiated the Pont Morel Primary and Emergency Care System, one of our most significant accomplishments to date! The families of Pont Morel previously had no access to local medical care, forcing them to seek distant and costly medical services in only the most dire situations. Under the leadership of Dr. Bistine Tony, a YourStory International co-founder and prominent local physician, we have developed this program to provide annual checkups, deliver emergency care, and maintain long-term medical records for the residents of Pont Morel. Thanks to your continued support, we are just a few months away from establishing a permanent, free clinic that can serve every member of the community.

Why It Matters

Investing in permanent medical

infrastructure does more than improve public health. Our research shows the average cash income of a family in Pont Morel (excluding subsistence farming, bartering, etc.) is $217 per year, 75% of which is spent on healthcare. With so little cash left over, many families cannot afford to send their children to school or develop financial stability. In our surveys, the people of Pont Morel consistently rank access to healthcare and education as the two most important challenges they face. By reducing the burden of their medical costs, we hope to empower the community to overcome both of these challenges.

How We Are Different

Like all of our programs, the Pont Morel Primary and Emergency Care System is based on thorough research, empowers local leaders, and delivers permanent benefits to the communities we serve. We do not pursue band-aid solutions. Instead, we strive to reduce the underlying barriers to prosperity. Visit our website to learn more about our work and invest in one of our programs. Thank you for your time and support!

Kevin Lombardi and Dr. Bistine Tony conduct clinic operations in Pont Morel.
Allie Krebs examines a patient at the Pont Morel clinic.
YourStory International leadership and Dr. Bistine Tony's local clinic staff.

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