Our Programs

The Pont Morel Primary & Emergency Care System (PMPECS)

What is PMPECS?

PMPECS is a permanent medical aid system providing basic care to Pont Morel and the surrounding villages. As state-funded and NGO health providers have left the area, community members must turn to for-profit hospitals and clinics. Thanks to our donors’ generosity, we provide free basic healthcare to those who cannot afford the for-profit care. Our three-step system consists of community health screenings, clinic appointments, and community follow-ups.

Program details

  • Community Health Screenings: Our advocates travel into the community to perform physical assessments and take patients’ medical histories. This allows us to identify at-risk patients and schedule them for priority appointments at our clinic. Through translators, advocates also provide our culturally relevant public health education to help patients manage their chronic conditions.

  • Clinics: With our current funding level, we can host one clinic day during each week of our expeditions. On clinic days, we open our gates to walk-in patients, as well as those we scheduled for appointments during our community health screenings. We hire Haitian doctors and nurses to help us provide each patient with an exam and physician consult. We also provide patients with public health education and, to the extent possible, free medication. We see 80-130 patients each clinic day.

  • Community Follow-ups: Approximately two days after our clinic, we begin conducting follow-up visits. Once again, our advocates travel into the community and visit patients at their homes. We ask if they have experienced any changes in their symptoms, and verify that they are taking their medication.

Why It Matters

We designed PMPECS based on two years of data collection and rapport building with the community. Our research and outreach indicated that investing in the community’s long-term medical security was the most effective way to empower its people. By relieving families of medical expenses, we enable them to invest in their own business or pay for their children’s education.


Here are some of our findings:

  • The average cash income for a family in Pont Morel is $217 per year.

  • The average medical expenses for a family are $164 per year.

  • Primary school tuition is $80 per year, which does not include uniforms or supplies.

  • One-third of the children in the community do not attend primary school.

These data indicate to us that many families face the difficult decision between seeking medical treatment and sending their children to school. PMPECS can prevent families from having to make this tradeoff by providing free primary healthcare and helping patients manage chronic conditions that could lead to future hospitalization.

See PMPECS in action!

Transitional Assistance and Scholarship Programs

What are the Transitional Assistance and Scholarship Programs?
Many families in the Haitian communities we serve can turn to their extended family networks for help in times of need. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some. When we identify a particularly vulnerable family, we provide them with basic food and medical aid to meet their immediate needs. We also provide them with targeted grants designed to help them overcome the most urgent challenges they face, such as starting a business or moving away from an abusive spouse.

Community members consistently cite access to education as a barrier to their prosperity. The head of a household in Pont Morel has an average of four years of education, and many of them want better than that for their children. We provide promising children with scholarships to pay for their tuition, uniforms, supplies, and to keep them adequately fed while in school. By investing in these children now, we hope to empower them to raise stable, prosperous families in the future.