In Léogâne, Haiti, many children face significant challenges to their health before they are even born. Due to the overwhelming cost of medical services, most mothers do not receive prenatal care, deliver in a sterile environment, or have any medical professional present for their child’s first moments of life. The cost of delivery alone can be greater than what most families earn in a year. As a result, mothers and their newborns are at a higher risk for complications during childbirth, such as infections, developmental abnormalities, and miscarriage.

In our effort to provide sustainable, prevention-focused health care to the people of Léogâne, YourStory International will be adding comprehensive maternal care services to our Pont Morel Primary and Emergency Care Systems (PMPECS), which currently serves over 8,000 of the poorest patients in Haiti. This will give the women in our service area access to the best available prenatal, delivery, and postnatal healthcare.

All services are provided by Dr. Tony Bistine, the current Medical Director of YourStory International’s PMPECS health system and Director of the Centre Medical de L'Urgence de Darbonne, which is partnered with our organization. Among the most respected physicians in Léogâne, Dr. Bistine is a Cuban-trained Léogâne native, and is board certified in Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Emergency Medicine.

$200 will provide the following services for one expecting mother:

  1. Free prenatal screening and preventative care appointment at 3 months, 6 months, and 8 months.

  2. Delivery care at the Centre Medical de L'Urgence de Darbonne, Dr. Bistine’s hospital.

  3. Up to 5 days of inpatient admission for mother and child.

  4. As needed follow-up postnatal appointments.

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Mothers in Léogâne

Dr. Bistine checks the heart rate of an expecting mother.

Nurse Florette takes an expecting mother's blood pressure while Dr. Bistine looks on.

Dr. Bistine's hospital, where he will provide care to the families in this program.

Maternal Health

We work with local partners to provide mothers with prenatal, delivery, and postnatal care.