After the devastating earthquake of 2010, Kevin Lombardi traveled to Haiti with a U.S. aid organization. There, he experienced firsthand a model of international aid where well-intentioned foreigners arrived in a country and sponsored projects based on their own view of the challenges facing Haitian communities. These organizations did not seek the input or consent of the communities intended to benefit from their projects. Most of them were oriented toward a single issue, such as construction, and left the country as soon as their limited projects were complete.


Over the next several years, Kevin spent much of his time conducting anthropological research in Haiti. During this time, he met his wife Marie, who was working as a translator for a variety of international relief organizations. The two soon became good friends with Dr. Bistine Tony, a Haitian doctor who worked through the aftermath of the earthquake and subsequent cholera outbreak. Together, the trio formulated the founding principles of YourStory International that are now our mission statement.

Our first expedition arrived in Léogâne, Haiti in the summer of 2014 to increase the community’s access to medical care and economic opportunities. Since then, we have developed strong partnerships and a sustained presence in the communities we serve. Through these partnerships, we work to revolutionize the way development is practiced.