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Haiti Accomodations

Our base of operations and home away from home in Haiti

YourStory International’s base of operations and home away from home in Haiti is the Pont Morel Guesthouse in Pont Morel, a rural village outside the city of Léogâne. Located about 25 miles southwest of Port-au-Prince, the Pont Morel Guesthouse provides our advocates with beautiful views of the mountains and surrounding sugarcane fields, as well as affording them an opportunity to live within the community we serve.

Our Haitian staff prepares three meals each day in the local cuisine and keeps us supplied with reverse osmosis purified drinking water. For our advocates’ safety, the compound is surrounded by high walls and a security gate, and a guard keeps watch at night.

View from the 3rd floor of the Pont Morel Guesthouse

Typical room accommodations for our volunteers

We supply limited electricity and internet access for emergency communications, but we encourage advocates to stay offline during their free time. Instead, they can socialize with their fellow advocates, practice their Haitian Creole, prepare for their work assignments, or simply relax and take in their surroundings.

See our compound and the surrounding areas: