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Every child deserves a good education. We provide scholarships to keep promising students in school.


When we hold conversations with community members about the biggest challenges their families face, there is one thing almost all of them bring up: access to education. With public schools virtually nonexistent in the area, many families cannot afford tuition for their children. Those who can are still vulnerable to financial shocks—families may face the difficult decision between keeping a child in school and paying for an unexpected medical expense, or rebuilding their home after a natural disaster.

To empower the next generation of leaders in Pont Morel and improve their families' financial stability, YourStory International pays for the tuition, uniforms, and school supplies for 12 promising children. We also provide a stipend to pay for lunch and transportation to and from school each day. By investing in these children now, we hope to prepare them to raise stable, prosperous families in the future.