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Your gift will fund programs designed to support strong, sustainable communities. All of our programs help communities reach goals they feel are important to their well-being. We strive to keep our overhead low, so as much of your gift as possible goes directly to the communities we serve.

Primary Care Access

The average income of a working family in Pont Morel, Haiti is $217 per year. Doctor's appointments cost around $50, so it is not surprising that many families forego basic medical care. In a country with high rates of malaria, HIV/AIDS, and dengue fever, this lack of care can have dire consequences.


YourStory is working with Dr. Bistine Tony to improve access to medical care in Pont Morel. Thanks to your past support, we have been able to vaccinate every child in the community!


Moving forward, YourStory hopes to provide every resident of Pont Morel with a free appointment and identify at-risk individuals such as the elderly, chronically ill, and pregnant women for further free healthcare. Your gifts will purchase medical supplies, compensate local medical staff, and construct a permanent free health clinic.

Disaster Relief

On October 4, 2016, Hurricane Matthew made landfall in southwestern Haiti. Many families in the Pont Morel area have been living in temporary plywood houses they received after the earthquake--transitional dwellings that, at six years old, cannot stand up to hurricane-force winds or flooding. Our Haiti country director, Marie-Flore St. Fleur, coordinated with our local partners to provide relief to 500 displaced families within one week of the hurricane.

We are shifting our focus from distributing emergency aid to supporting long-term prosperity. As the response evolves, we will use your gift to relieve the financial pressure on families who lost their homes by expanding our primary care and elementary school tuition support programs. Per our standard practices, we will prioritize locally sourced labor and materials.

 We view your gifts as investments, not charity, because every dollar we put into a community now will pay dividends for years to come. To invest in a specific goal, take a look at the programs below, then click on the Invest button to proceed to our secure donation page and choose where to invest your gift.

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Maternal Health

In Leogane, Haiti, many children face significant challenges to their health before they are even born. Due to the overwhelming cost of medical services, most mothers do not receive prenatal care, deliver in a sterile environment, or have any medical professional present for their child’s first moments of life. The cost of delivery alone can be greater than what most families earn in a year. As a result, mothers and their newborns are at a higher risk for complications during childbirth, such as infections, developmental abnormalities, and miscarriage.

In our effort to provide sustainable, prevention-focused health care to the people of Leogane, YourStory International will be adding comprehensive maternal care services to our Pont Morel Primary and Emergency Care Systems (PMPECS), which currently serves over 8,000 of the poorest patients in Haiti. This will give the women in our service area access to the best available prenatal, delivery, and postnatal healthcare. Your investment will provide an expecting mother with everything she needs to give birth to a healthy baby, including prenatal counseling, delivery in a certified hospital, and up to 5 days of inpatient care for the mother and her child.