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YourStory International challenges traditional models of international aid by empowering communities to define and meet their own development goals. Learn more about what makes us different.

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Our Volunteer Advocate Program

We feel very strongly about what differentiates YourStory International from other service trip organizations—our commitment to responsible community empowerment.

When people in the developed world want to help less fortunate communities, their first instinct is often to send free goods and provide free labor. Unfortunately, this type of aid harms local communities by displacing their businesses and workers. It also tends to be short-lived, meaning it drives locals out of business before disappearing, leaving the communities worse off than they were before.


We avoid this pitfall by only using our volunteers to perform specialized jobs and hiring locals to support our work whenever possible. When you volunteer with us, you can rest assured that you are contributing the responsible empowerment of the communities we serve.

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Investing in Community Empowerment

Gifts to YourStory International are investments that will pay dividends to the communities we serve for years to come. Each of our programs is designed to help communities reach goals that they have identified as important to their well-being.

We strive to keep our overhead low to maximize the funding available to deliver services. Furthermore, our administrative expenses are fully funded by our advocate program. As a result, we can dedicate all of your gift toward health care, education, and economic support to the communities we serve.